preparation of medical plants

Preparation of Medical Plants

Forms of preparation of medical plants: OIL: The fatty liquid that is collected after crushing or grinding fruits or seeds. Some are used in friction, others are absorbed orally. Another way to use the herbs as oil is to flavour the oil commonly used in the kitchen, olive, sunflower, corn, rice, soybean, introducing a twig […]


Therapeutic virtues of plant extracts II

Here is another list of Therapeutic virtues of plant: SPASMS: Involuntary contraction of a muscle, usually smooth fibre, such as those that direct bowel movements. STIMULANT: That favours help or collaborates in the functioning of an organ, device or system. CONSTIPATION: State of the organism in which the depositions are scarce and difficult because of its […]

Aloe vera

Therapeutic virtues of plant extracts I

Here is the list of Therapeutic virtues of plant: ABSORBENT: It absorbs toxic substances and neutralizes them AFRODISÍACA: That excites the sexual appetite ALMORRANAS: Hemorrhoids AMIGDALITIS: Inflammation of the tonsils ANALGESIC: aloe vera: analgesic, coagulant, etc. That fights the pain ANEMIA: Decrease in the number of red blood cells in the blood ANOREXIA: Lack of appetite […]