Medicinal Plant

Chinese prepared tea

Contraceptive Medical Palnts

Lalsabuni In India, the leaves have been used for their abortive properties. Tests have shown that the punarnavine alkaloid, contained in the leaves and throughout the plant, produces soft uterine contractions. It has also been used for kidney and liver disorders, as well as a diuretic. Mylitta t is a parasitic tuber that appears in […]

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Medicinal Values of Alfalfa plant

Alfalfa, one of the great perennial herb, has been using in medicine for a long time. It has proven that Alfalfa keeps maintaining the level of cholesterol and glucose in human blood. Taking Alfalfa supplements orally is safe but sometimes it causes lupus-like symptoms. This symptom may occur as because of the present of L-canavanine […]

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More Important Medicinal Plants

Eucalyptus The eucalyptus is a majestic tree that gives a stately aspect to any garden capable of holding its extraordinary dimensions. Its enormous need for water, absorbed by its roots, makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to develop other plants close to it. CHARACTERISTICS: It is an evergreen tree, fast growing and that under favourable […]

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Plants and preparation of Medicine from Them

White willow Between 300 and 500 species of willows are known. They are found throughout the planet, from Tierra del Fuego to Lapland, in northern Europe, and intemperate tropical climates. White willow can appear in almost all regions of the Earth above the Equator. In ancient Greece was used the juice resulting from squeezing leaves […]

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medical plants

Use of Medicinal Plants

The active ingredients are found in certain anatomical structures of the medical plants, sometimes in the leaves, others in the roots, in the flowers, in the seeds or in the bark from which they must be extracted to be used. In some cases, it is enough to eat the plant or part of it. You […]

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