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Lime ice water

Need A Drink That Does Miracles?

With the world so consumed with weight loss and looking fit there also rises the market full of beneficial drinks and juices. Whether you are simply trying to lose weight or get fit there are many different methods and options that you can resort to. Some of the most beneficial drinks are the ones that […]

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More Important Medicinal Plants

Eucalyptus The eucalyptus is a majestic tree that gives a stately aspect to any garden capable of holding its extraordinary dimensions. Its enormous need for water, absorbed by its roots, makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to develop other plants close to it. CHARACTERISTICS: It is an evergreen tree, fast growing and that under favourable […]

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Plants and preparation of Medicine from Them

White willow Between 300 and 500 species of willows are known. They are found throughout the planet, from Tierra del Fuego to Lapland, in northern Europe, and intemperate tropical climates. White willow can appear in almost all regions of the Earth above the Equator. In ancient Greece was used the juice resulting from squeezing leaves […]

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